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Our Mission

In the absence of a national/state-wide testing strategy, the responsibility of
providing safe working and study environments for employees, students,
and community members, employers and community leaders will need to
step up. To this end, Elysian Medical Distribution, Inc. is partnering with
industry leaders to offer COVID-19 testing kits that are FDA evaluated and
have earned emergency use approval. Our testing kits assess for the
presence of both Antibody (the immune response to infection) as well as
Antigen (the actual COVID-19 infectious virus), which is crucial for social
public health decision making during the COVID-19 pandemic. When used
in concert, these industry-leading products provide the foundation of an
appropriate testing strategy necessary to get us back to work, back to
school, and back into our communities safely.
The antibody test kits our research partners have developed are point of
care rapid cassettes that enable an organization to test a large population
quickly (14 minutes), routinely, and economically. Evaluating for both the
acute IgM antibody and the convalescent IgG antibody study populations
can be stratified for risk to themselves as well as to all potential contacts.
By way of example, suppose an assembly line worker tests positive for IgM
but negative for IgG antibody. This worker is infectious and should be
isolated, contact tracing would be initiated, and results of the antigen test
cassette would be recorded as well. Perhaps more importantly, the
unexpected presence of antibodies in an individual may identify
asymptomatic persons who are present and infectious among the specific
population being tested, whether factory workers, students, fire/police
Viral (PCR antigen) tests detect a current COVID-19 infection by identifying
the actual viral particle (Antigen) in the test sample. This is critically
important for accurate population testing. Imagine a student testing
positive for the presence of COVID-19 viral Antigen by PCR but testing
negative for any antibody. This student is an asymptomatic COVID-19
patient shedding virus without knowing it. Elysian’s research partners have
developed cutting edge technology PCR test kits that are both point of care
and simple, easy to perform (by oropharyngeal swabbing) and evaluate for
accurate results. Data suggests that throat swabs results have higher

accuracy than nasal cavity swabs due to the inherent challenges
associated with the latter (i.e., severe unpleasantness for patients in
conjunction with empathetic testing administrators). Elysian’s private
laboratory partner for the testing result of these rapid PCR test kits is
currently offering a 1 to 3 day turn-around time with a triage-based queue
(symptomatic and known contacts receive preference due to the global
public health guidelines.)
An ideal testing protocol should include:
1) a fast and economical option to screen large volumes of people
(antibodies) and identify asymptomatic persons, followed by
2) a targeted number of confirmation tests (viral)
Together these provide a solution for operating safely during the pandemic
before the approval and mass production/distribution of an effective and
safe vaccine.
Elysian’s team is promoting the strategic population-based utilization of
both antibody and antigen test kits in association with robust contact tracing
to help make the world safer. Science and technology have advanced to
the stage where both can be types of tests that can be performed
effectively and relatively inexpensively. Our industry-leading research
partners continue to develop testing technologies and strategies that will
provide even faster, more accurate results in a world put on hold by the
COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you will join us in adding our testing
strategies to the currently recommended protocols for keeping our world’s
population safe, bringing back the global economy, resurrecting
educational systems, and redeeming human social interaction.
Everyday Everywhere - Keep the World Safe - Mask It!

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