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Rapid Response Antibody Tests (Serology)

Tests for the qualitative determination of COVID-
19 IgM and IgG antibodies in human whole

blood serum or plasma.

  • Benefits​​

    •  Speed of Testing: Results in <15 min

    •  Low Cost to administer: <$21/test

    •  98.7% Accuracy without the need for machines or lab to read

    •  Can show “stage of infection” trimester​

Man Doing Blood Test
Rapid Antibody Graphic.PNG
Pipetting Samples

How It Works

How the sample is taken and processed

Finger prick or blood draw; apply sample to lateral flow devise for analysis

When antibody testing is useful

Antibody testing, also known as serology, can be done throughout all stages of viral infection. Antibodies start developing within 3 weeks after initial infection and last after all symptoms have gone away. They also show up when no symptoms are present in asymptomatic cases.

Is another test needed?

A second antibody test as well as a PCR or antigen test is needed to confirm positive results.

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