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A Testing Protocol You Can Follow

PCR, Antigen, and Antibody Testing Work Together

Combining the use of RT-PCR viral RNA tests with rapid antigen and antibody tests allows patients to identify both if they are currently infected with COVID-19, and if they may have previously had it. With this information, patients have a better understanding of their health history. Meanwhile, employers are able to understand who is currently infected, who has been infected, and who hasn’t been. Based on that data, businesses and individuals are able to make informed decisions about safe workplace re-entry and movement within their community.

Implementation - As Easy As 1, 2, 3!


Determine Testing Method

Better Together

The Best Way Forward

Using these three tests in unison, you can:

  • Identify who has been previously infected and currently carries antibodies in under 15 minutes

  • Identify who has an active infection in under 15 minutes 

  • Validate positive results with lab-confirmed molecular tests between 24-72 hours after testing.

Rapid Antigen + PCR for Positives

Identify Infections Quickly & Accurately

Test results available in <15 minutes. Confirm positive results by sending secondary tests to a laboratory.

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